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How is Hair Transplantation Done? What are the Tactics?

One of the most important issues in hair transplantation is to determine the number of grafts to be transplanted before the operation. When our patient comes to our institution, our doctor first examines him/her and determines the number of grafts needed. As a result of joint decisions with our patient, the front line is determined. A drawing is made for hair transplantation so as not to reach the muscular area. It is determined whether the number of grafts meets the needs and wishes of the person. The operation is planned for our patient according to the number of grafts determined. Even if the best hair transplantation technique is used, there are many factors that affect a hair transplantation. There are rules that each person should pay attention to and follow before hair transplantation. These rules have an impact on hair transplant results. We can list them as follows;

  • You should stop drinking herbal tea at least 15 days before the operation,
  • You should abandon the use of tobacco products such as cigarettes, alcohol, hookah,
  • You should avoid drugs and blood thinners,
  • You should stop drinking acidic drinks, energy drinks, coffee and coffee derivatives at least 1 week in advance,

The above-mentioned conditions are the points that people who will have hair transplantation should pay attention to. As long as these points are taken into consideration, the person will be more comfortable during the operation and there will be no obstacle for hair transplantation. On the day of hair transplantation, tests are first applied to our patient who comes to our institution. These tests can be listed as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, hemogram and PT (bleeding time). All these tests are performed and if there are no problems after the results are obtained, the transplantation area and donor point drawings of our patient are made. After the drawing process is over, if our patient will shave, shaving procedures are performed by our institution. The first step in hair transplantation is to apply anesthesia in order for the person to have a comfortable and painless hair transplantation. Before local anesthesia, we provide anesthesia by spraying with our very special device, which we call painless anesthesia. In the local anesthesia procedure performed with the painless anesthesia device, no needle is used, so anesthesia is injected under the skin without any pain or ache.