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Who is Fatma Dursun?

Fatma Dursun was born in Yozgat in 1983. She completed her undergraduate education at Yüzüncü Yıl University in 2006. She completed her internship at Ankara Başkent University for 1 year with all surgical operation experiences. After her internship, after working in all surgical branches in the operating room department of Ankara TOBB ETU University Hospital, Dursun opened her own company in Istanbul under the name of “Fatma Dursun Tourism” with ISO 9001 and 18513 tourism quality certificates.

Fatma Dursun, who also obtained a Trademark Registration from the Turkish Patent Office, started to accept clients from abroad, in addition to Turkish citizens, by connecting to the Ministry of Tourism. Dursun, who provided hair treatment at high standards to her clients from many countries such as Italy, France, England, America, Spain and Portugal, was awarded ‘Hair Transplant Coordinator of the Year’ in 2020, ‘Hair Transplant Center of the Year’ in 2021, and ‘Successful Hair Transplant Specialist of the Year’ at the ‘International International Star Awards’ award ceremony in 2022 at the Golden Angel Awards.

Dursun, who successfully completed the trainings titled ‘Fue Hair Transplant Training Program’ organized by the Medical Academy Center, gave seminars titled ‘Hair Transplant’ in Italy, where he made a name for himself in 2021 and 2022. In the seminars he attended, he emphasized why Turkey ranks first in the world in hair transplantation applications.

Fatma Dursun, who aims to give her clients the look they dream of with advanced hair transplantation methods such as FUE Hair Transplantation, DHI Hair Transplantation, Sapphire Hair Transplantation, Unshaved Hair Transplantation, Oxygen Hair Transplantation and Stem cell hair transplantation, is married and the mother of a son.